The IOAN has several networks that are reflective of our mission.  Partner foundations and other donor organizations can belong to a selected network based on their priorities. Here are some of the major networks for which we seek funding, resources  and  expertise:


Incubator Project Network: The goal of this project is to donate 5 incubators to countries in Sub Saharan Africa to curb infant mortality rates. We invite any person, group of persons, organizations, hospitals, and others who are interested in this  project to contact us or make a donation towards this goal. 


HIV/AIDS Network: The goal of this project is  to provide FREE antiretroviral medications to those suffering from HIV/AIDS.  Also, to reduce stigmatization of infected persons by educating community members about the disease. Finally,  to provide free HIV testing in rural communities all across Africa. Pharmaceutical companies and other foundations could  make a significant impact in reducing the burden of this infectious disease.


Diagnostic Equipment Network: The goal of this project is to donate used medical equipment directly to  hospitals and clinics in areas of need in Africa. There is an overwhelming need of early diagnosis of diseases in rural as well as urban areas across Africa.  Hospitals and manufacturing companies are encouraged to support this initiative. 


Mental Health Network: We solicit ideas and ways of improving the state of mental health in most African countries. Increased funding for training, education, and even the construction of psychiatric facilities are gradually becoming a matter of urgency across certain areas of Africa.