The rate of  HIV infections and the number of persons with AIDS have been decreasing in Africa. Overall, this decrease  is encouraging; however, a closer look at exposure rates in poorer African countries like Somalia, Togo, Mali, compared to richer nations like South Africa, exposes a disturbing trend.  Richer countries with more resources have made changes and implemented better policies and community wide interventions to curb the spread of this disease. For poorer nations, more work is required of us to:

  • Invest in education and spread awareness that treatment options prolong lives.

  • Invest in research to advance our understanding of how different cultures deal with people suffering from HIV & AIDS.

  • Make antiretroviral drugs available (FREE) to those who have been diagnosed with HIV.

  • Improve diagnosis and interventional capabilities of local and state hospitals.

  • Train social workers and community leaders on how to show acceptance of those diagnosed with HIV in their communities.

  • Provide and encourage free testing in high risk areas in Sub Saharan Africa.